foodFIRST Vijverbergsession

SMEs at the November Conference

foodFIRST theme 2016/17 "The African future is for young, well educated, market oriented and organized farmer-entrepreneurs" -- more to this theme on: A policy paradigm for rural development cooperation in Africa, Vijverbergsession of 2 December 2015.

Rabobank, Bezuidenhoutseweg 5, Den Haag.

5 July 2017 17.00 - 19.00 uur

Image: © Worldbank
Participation: please follow the link on your invitation

About this session

In the last Vijverbergsession of this series we would like to exchange creative ideas about how we can achieve productive and meaningful participation by SMEs at our conference in November. SMEs are the embodiments of the entrepreneurship that we want to address at the conference. But these SME’s also have limited means to spend a day off. So how can we offer these enterprises an opportunity so that we can learn from their experience, and they can take home something that is relevant for their own business.

There are several methods available for participation during the conference.

-- A talk show model where enterprises can give short pitches about their activities in the plenary session. These talk shows can be centred around specific products, around a value chain, or around PPP’s that address specific development goals.

-- Simultaneous sub sessions around products/value chains/PPP’s during a part of the programme.

-- Speeddate sessions during the breaks.

-- We will also have many students of agricultural colleges and the WUR: what can we do to bring them together with these SMEs?

Within the broad idea of these Vijverbergsessions, “The African future is for young, well educated, market oriented and organized farmer-entrepreneurs,” we would like to have your creative ideas about methods and activities to make this theme work for participating SMEs.

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